**Wedding Bells**

Last weekend marked the wonderful marriage celebration of my mommy to the awesome Rob! What a perfect day. The weather was beautiful, the venue was surreal, and my mom, she looked just gorgeous! And the best part, I have 2 new wonderful (and did I mention gorgeous!) sisters to add the mix. Here are a few pictures we have so far, while we wait for the professional pic's to arrive...

The Bride & Groom
A few shot's of the venue and flowers
Doing my mom's makeup :)
Left: Me and my very handsome brother. Right: Me and the bride :)
Left: My lovely new *sisters* and my Granny. Right: My new family!

The venue was Morrels Exclusive Boutique Venue & Manor House in Randburg, the ideal setting for the 'french style' wedding my mom was after.

Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any pic's of Farmboy and myself :( So those will have to come when the professional pic's arrive...

The perfect start to a wonderful new journey of friendship and family...

P.S. talk about an overuse of the word *wonderful* :)