I started the #30DaysOfMe posts as a way to get my creative juices flowing...click here for Day 1 and of course the list of what goes on what day. I am not doing these consequtively, as I think people would grow tired of just hearing about little ol' me, and so I will post them often, but not too often :)

Day 2: The meaning behind my blog name.

I am a citygirl, born and raised in big cities. From the city of gold, Johannesburg to the rain and cold of  London.  So the name "CityGirl" aptly describes me. Yes, I am one of those girls whose scarves match their earrings, and who likes the colour pink. My youth (which I still consider myself in) was spent crawling round shopping centres while my Dad read his newspaper, and my mom was out hiking another mountain. On frequent occasions when she managed to drag me with her, I really loved it. You see, I am a bit of a chameleon really. Enjoying being both a cityslicker, and a tree hugger :)
I digress, the name of the blog...let's see. After spending a year teaching English to the cutest little kiddes EVER in South Korea, I found myself back on SA soil with no plans. I am a BA graduate, with all the enthusiasm in the world and yet I am stuck as to which direction my life should take (it's usually at this point that someone makes some joke about BA graduates...it does not stand for "Bugger All!"). I am definitely leaning towards teaching, but this plan  has to be put on hold  until I complete a teaching diploma next year. So ya, that leaves me with 4 months, 19 days and a few hours give or take, to decide.

And so the name was born. I am a CityGirl in search of direction, one adventure at a time. Join me on this quest, you might even find some direction for yourself along the way :)