**Lemon Cordial**

A great way to use up lemon's if you have a tree bursting with them, otherwise, an easy way to up your intake of Vitamin C this winter...

12 lemons
30g Epsom Salts
30g Tartaric Acid
30g Citric Acid
1kg sugar (yikes! There really is no other way to sweeten it...but sweeten to your own taste buds)
3 litres boiling water

Step 1: Get yourself a lemon picker (or head out to your nearest fruit and veg store).

Step 2: Squeeze those little guys! If you have a food processor, then peel the rind of the lemons and zap them into the machine. If not, go the old fashion way and squeeze them by hand.

Step 3: Add the rest of the ingredients to the boiling water. Sift the lemon juice into the pot to get rid of those unsavoury bits...don't forget to keep stirring until all the sugar dissolves.

Step 4: Once all the sugar has dissolved (keep tasting it and adding more if you need to) then it's time to decant! Add some labels to your creation, and there you go. Great drunk with lemonade or soda water for an extra fizz..otherwise just plain water is yummy too :)