Bikram Smikram!

I have been home here in Jo'burg for a total of 4 days and already I'm starting to get itchy feet. So, to cure my itch I've decided to start Bikram Yoga (*again). Again, because I started it about 5 years ago, and well, it was a bit intense and so I kinda stopped...lazy me! But now I will attempt it for a second time...let's hope this time is different :)

For those of you a little unsure of what exactly Bikram Yoga is, here's a little summary:

One of the most well-known kinds of yoga is Bikram. If you’ve heard of people practicing yoga in a room that is heated to over 40 degrees celcius, this is the type of yoga they were sweating through. Bikram yoga is also referred to as “Hot Yoga.”
The intention behind having the room heated so high is to ensure the student will sweat profusely, thereby ridding the body of toxins. The intense heat also makes the muscles very supple and warm which enhances flexibility. The sequence of postures is also designed to relieve stress, reduce tension and prevent injury.
What is a Bikram yoga class like?
Bikram yoga involves doing a set sequence of 26 postures, or asanas, and two breathing exercises in a class that is heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Students are guided along the class by Bikram-certified teachers who instruct using a specific dialogue. Each class lasts approximately 90 minutes.

The authentic Bikram method recommends that you practice it every day.
Given the high heat and the length of time that each posture is held, Bikram yoga is very strenuous. Even though beginners are encouraged to sample a class, if you have a strong aversion to the heat or get faint quickly, you might want to think about first trying out another kind of yoga class that heats the room, but not as high as in a Bikram class.
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Well I did say I wanted to get rid of that itch, I'll be doing that in my first class at 05:30 tomorrow morning...*gulp* so that hopefully in a few weeks/months/years/lifetimes this will be me:

For those of you in the Johannesburg Sandton/Fourways area, there is a fantastic studio at the Design Quarter on the corner of  Leslie Avenue & William Nicol Drive *click here* for their website*