Idea's for using {Consol Glass}

After the recent Consol giveaway I had up on the blog a few weeks ago, I just had to share the {awesome} idea's my readers posted for using and re-using glass jars and bottles! 

So get recycling ladies and gents, glass has never looked this good before!

30 super household cleaning tips!

This isn't usually the sort of thing that I blog about here, but...being a newlywed, these tips are just too darn useful not to share! Thank you to my favourite South African magazine, Idea's! Your monthly magazine is what I most look forward to at the start of each month :) 

You can follow Idea's for lots of design and decor inspiration on Pinterest (click here), and Facebook (click here).

Minimise odours in your fridge by placing an open container of bicarbonate of soda or a piece of coal on one of the shelves.

Remove rust from chrome by wiping it down with tinfoil that has been dipped in cola. To polish chrome, rub with a crumpled piece of tinfoil.

To clean an electric drip coffee maker, fill the reservoir with half water and half vinegar. Place a clean filter paper in the basket and run through the machine’s entire cycle. Repeat twice more using plain water.

Add half a cup of bicarbonate of soda to your wash cycle to help remove stains and odours from your washing.

5 Polish stainless-steel cutlery by rubbing the pieces with a cloth dipped in vinegar.

6 To help avoid a clogged drain, put a few tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda into the drain every couple of weeks and flush it down with hot water.

7 Before squeezing a lemon, heat it in the microwave for 15 seconds. This will increase the quantity of juice that you will be able to extract from the lemon.

8 A mixture of dishwashing liquid and sugar is effective for removing oil and grease from dirty hands.

Make your candles last longer by placing them in a plastic bag and putting them in the freezer for 24 hours before lighting.

10 Clean the bottom of an iron by sprinkling coarse salt onto a clean cloth placed on top of your ironing board. Set your iron to its highest setting and then iron back and forth over the salt.

11 To descale a washing machine put a cup of white vinegar into the detergent dispenser and then run the machine empty through a complete hot wash cycle.

12 Use cornflour to remove oil stains from delicate fabrics. Cover the stain with cornflour. Leave for a few hours. Shake the clothing free of the flour and then hand wash, or wash on a gentle machine cycle, using a detergent that is suitable for delicate fabrics.

13 Stop drawers from sticking on their runners by rubbing a bar of soap across the runners to make them glide smoothly.

14 Clean a microwave by adding four tablespoons of lemon juice to one cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl. boil for five minutes in the microwave, allowing the steam to condense on the inside, then wipe with a soft cloth.

15 Clean stainless-steel appliances by wiping with a small amount of baby oil on a napkin.

16 Remove cat and dog hair from clothes and furniture by rubbing the items with damp rubber gloves.

17 Add two teaspoons of vanilla essence to each one-and-a-half litres of paint to reduce overpowering paint smells.

18 Remove mildew by mixing one part bleach with 11 parts water. Wearing rubber gloves, use a sponge or soft-bristled brush to apply the solution. Rinse with a damp sponge and wipe down.

19 Remove rust stains on white clothes by applying a mix of cream of tartar and lemon juice. Leave to dry, rinse thoroughly then wash as usual.

20 Retard grease build-up in your oven by periodically wiping the interior with a vinegar-soaked cloth.

21 Remove rust stains on white clothes with a mixture of cream of tartar and lemon juice. Apply the mixture to the stain, leave to dry then rinse thoroughly before washing as usual.

22 Remove deodorant stains from a garment by dissolving two aspirins in a little warm water and applying the paste to the stain. Leave the paste to dry, then brush it off and launder the garment as usual. Be sure to test this on a hidden spot first to see whether the fabric dye holds.

23 Erase scuff marks on smooth leather shoes by rubbing the marks with the cut edge of a raw potato and then buffing.

24 Clean a narrow-necked vase by filling it with hot water and a couple of fizzy denture-cleaning tablets. Leave to stand overnight, then rinse and dry.

25 Sanitise a cutting board by using a scrubbing brush and a mixture of one teaspoon of bleach with one litre of water. Do not rinse. Let the board air-dry on its side.

26 Remove old paint stains from wood or plastic by softening with linseed oil. Wipe off. For tougher stains, use a razor blade and carefully scrape off.

27 Clean your coffee grinder by grinding acupofriceinit from time to time. This will sharpen the blades at the same time.

28 Make your home smell fresh by simmering orange peel, cinnamon sticks, cloves and abayleafinapot of water for half an hour.

29 After you have cleaned your paintbrushes, rinse them in a little fabric softener to make them softer for the next job.

30 To remove stains from a teapot, fill it with cold water. Add a little chlorine bleach or a fizzy denture-cleaning tablet. Leave for an hour then rinse thoroughly.

Blogging Tips {new series on the blog!}

Dear readers {friends, family and other lovely people who follow my blog!}.

 I am starting a new series here on CityGirlSearching entitled Blogging Tips which will feature simple & easy tips to help you make your blog look and feel 'better'. 

I hope this series of posts is useful to you, let me know if they are and if there is anything you are looking for in particular, and I will do my best to find the easiest and simplest way to do it.

For the time being, these tips will be {design/layout} based, there might be a few {content} based tips thrown in along the way :)

**as this blog is hosted by Blogger, I will be sharing these tips & tricks for Blogger blogs. If you are using using another blogging platform eg Wordpress, i'm afraid these tips won't be of too much use to you. But, in the future, I'm hoping to expand to include those platforms too! So stay tuned**

I will be posting the first blogging tip tomorrow!

See you then


Kitty Cat...

How cute are these little kitties? I found them here on the blog "Just Something I made" which is a place for owner Cathe, to share creative idea's, crafty projects & loads of freebies!  If you are a blogger looking for bits and pieces to spice up your post layouts, then head over to her site and let your imagination go wild! 

Columbo Coffee {Durban}

Deep in the heart of the city (now when I say deep, I mean deep! Think factory centre of the city deep) lies an awesome place to get your hands on freshly ground coffee. 

I am inserting the blurb from their website, as it does a pretty fine job of explaining what Columbo is all about...

"The Colombo story began many years ago when a young James Brown Richardson, who was employed by Thornton Tea and Coffee, was called to service during the First World War. An Australian veteran of the Siege of Ladysmith, he decided to move to South Africa some years before as he had grown fond of this charming land during a visit. After catching Malaria in East Africa during WW1, he was invalided out. When James (fondly known as "Jas B") returned, he found that his employers had gone under and that he would have to carve his own path in order to continue in the industry that he loved. In 1917, Jas B opened his own shop in Johannesburg, South Africa and began to provide Tea and Coffee to the mines in and around the Transvaal (now known as Gauteng). But in 1922, when Jas B could not deliver to strikers during the Rand rebellion, he was forced to pack up his shop and move to Durban due to the threats of the strikers involved.

It was in 1923 that Jas B together with his son, Norman Richardson (who was only 17 at the time) founded The Colombo Tea Agency in a basement of the old Barnes & McFie Arcade in Durban. The Colombo Tea Agency was based on the Richardson family’s knowledge and “nothing but utmost value” approach to Tea and Coffee. The Colombo Tea Agency, specialists in Tea, Coffee and Cocoa, would continue to make their mark on the people of Durban through harsh times and dark realities, to the silver lining and even brighter future.

Fast forward to the early seventies - the Richardson family business was well supported in their decision to turn down offers in buying their West Street property (the original micro-coffee roastery and shop) as a part of a development project in 1972. In refusing to give way to big business, Norman Richardson, then MD of the company, quickly became a people’s hero receiving a flood of appreciative letters from all over the country.

Colombo Tea & Coffee Co. has undergone many changes, but time has taken kindly to the Colombo legacy and the preservation of our ideals. Our Mission since 1917 has been "To never compromise on the value of fine Tea and Coffee and Cocoa, and to spread our love of these fine beverages to all that we come into contact with". We now have the opportunity to communicate this message with the entire International community, showing our knowledge and skills, passed down to us through generations of passionate research and development. Our young team is comprised of passionate roasters, blenders and baristas dedicated to the artisan science of flavour, especially the complex characteristics found in tea and coffee. Lead by Victor Richardson (fourth generation director of Colombo) and Kyle Fraser (the young blood and breath of life into Colombo) commitment to the local audience and web of local ‘business partners’ we are destined to spread our unique message to an eager market!"
Who wouldn't want to pop in for a cuppa now?!

Colombo Tea & Coffee Co. PTY (Ltd)
369 Gale Street, Durban, KZN, SA 
Tel: (031) 205 3283 
Fax: (086) 591 5539

Mon-Fri 8:00-16:30 
Sat: 9:00-14:00 
Public Holidays: CLOSED

Postnet...posting locally around South Africa

This may seem to some a bit of a strange blog post, but I thought it's something really useful to know, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Postnet is currently doing a promotion whereby you can send a parcel (up to 2kg's) to a Postnet anywhere in South Africa for R95 and it will arrive in 1 - 4 working super is that! I thought this was mighty reasonable and wanted to share this with all of you :)

*and no, my friend in the top right hand corner did not ask/sponser/co-erce/offer me a lifetime supply of envelopes to get me to write this post*

Christmas wrapping idea's...

I came across these photo's on the lovely Decora8 blog. I just couldn't resist posting them seeing as Christmas is just around the corner. And I think homemade wrapping is just so much more special! Photo's taken by Leslie Shewring over at A Creative Mint

*Sewing* Pretty

In my attempts to become more creative, I have tried my hand at various activities. Making bunting, giving a wooden box a face lift, cooking, baking...I wish the list went on. Well, today it does! I have finally finished my first attempt at sewing...Yippeeeeeeeee

Last few days to enter into my pretty polish giveaway :) I will choose a winner on friday! xx

Kings of Leon *Joburg* How to Get to the FNB Stadium

For all those KOL fans out there, thought the following info would be helpful :)

One way to get to the FNB stadium is by the Park & Ride buses. Book your tickets at Computicket (click here).

Buses leave from the following departure points: 

Coca-Cola Dome, Northgate
Wits University (West Campus)
Gold Reef City 
Constitution Hill

Tickets cost R90, and I would suggest booking before hand to make sure you've got a seat.

Alternatively, there is the Park & Rail.
The train runs directly from the East Rand, West Rand, Pretoria and Johannesburg to Nasrec Station.
Tickets cost R80 return. Click here for the train schedule

The line up for saturday:

17h00 Doors Open
18h30 – 19h00 The Black Hotels
19.15 – 19h45 Shadowclub
 20h00 – 20h30 Die Heuwels Fantasties
21.00 Kings of Leon

Click here for the BigConcerts Facebook page to stay up to date before the big day

*Spring* Cleaning your MakeUp Brushes

Most makeup artists will tell you that you should clean your makeup brushes after each use, especially for foundation and concealer brushes, so as to stop the spread of germs and other yucky things like that. With eye shadow brushes, it's good to do this once or twice a week (or more if needed).

Make Up Brushes are an investment, and if cared for properly, can last you ages! Here 3 steps for giving your brushes a quick clean in between uses. I would advise giving all your brushes a deep clean (post on that to come soon) every 2-3 weeks.

Brush cleaners:
I have yet to come across any other brush cleaners other than MAC. Body Shop used to sell one, but no longer stock it :( MAC's Brush Cleanser is R150 for 235ml which will last you for a long time if used sparingly...a little goes a long way :) A lot of people recommend shampoo's as brush cleansers, which are good for deep cleaning your brushes, but no good if you just need to give them a quick blitz in between uses. 

Pour a little brush cleanser onto a piece of tissue (cotton wool will absorb most of the cleaners so tissue is better to use. Toilet paper will just break unless you use 3 ply).

Dab the brush onto the wet tissue, brushing back an forth until you start to see the makeup coming off the brush. Try to do so in forward and backwards motions so as not to wreck the bristles. When the tissue becomes too dirty, open the tissue up and continue the same thing on the 'clean' part of the wet tissue. Do this until your brush is clean. Repeat with all your brushes, using a new tissue and more cleaner when the other becomes too dirty.

And voila! Clean, new looking brushes :) I have done this for all of my brushes, including lip brushes, big powderbrushes and eye shadow applicator brushes. It works like a treat on all of them :)

Get Creative...*Bunting*

Ever since I first stepped into Wolves Coffee Shop in Illovo, I have been in love with bunting. Bunting?? What on earth is that? You know those cool vintage looking flags thingys that hang on strings? The fancy name for them is Bunting. Farmboy and I spent a lazy saturday afternoon trying our best to make them...they don't look very professional, but we had fun :)

For more detailed instructions click here. In the mean time, get your bum down to your nearest Fabric shop, put on your puppy dog eyes, and get your paws on some scraps...

Once you've got your scraps, cut out a triangle on some thick cardboard and use it as a stencil.

Once you've cut out lots of triangles, fold the top of the over a long piece of string or cord (we used about 5 meters) and staple the top 'closed'.

And there you go! Your very own triangle hanging thingy's :)


The art of Scavenging (according to a recent episode of Jerry Springor, scavenging is most definitely an art) can be a very painstakingly slow process requiring reams of patience and dedication.  And sometimes you strike Cameron did with his wooden box.

To be really successful, make friends with the scrap heap owner...he may even give you junk, *ahem* I mean potential treasures, for free!

There are 2 scrap yards in Grahamstown for you to try your luck at, Roxcell which is located just past the Golf Club on the outskirts of town and there seems to be another one nearby Roxcell (not sure exactly where) but most scrappers seem to recommend Roxcell. Have fun!

Renewing your *Drivers License* in SA

Even the thought of having to renew my drivers was enough to give me a headache. I mean, you couldn't pay me enough to redo it (what with the hassle of having to make a booking, failing and having to fork out more money for another test date, the stress of having to do an incline start while not putting the car in gear, and of course all the money that went into lessons) let's just say I would rather do without a car than have to do the test again today, I'm sure you feel the same :)

So, when I was pulled over the other day for a routine check (I was not speeding however hard you find that to believe!) I was politely informed that my drivers would expire in the next few months. Ok, so I'll just head to a station and get it renewed, easy peasy right?? Wrong.

30 minutes standing in a queue of 20 people, with one person on duty while everyone is on tea break is not my idea of a nice day out. So, to make things easier for you, I've got all the info on what you need right here:

You will need:
  • green application form (you get this at the driving license centre...fill in parts A & D)
  • your current driving license
  • your ID book
  • photocopy of your current license (Someone at the centre made a copy for me. I'm not sure why you need this but take one just incase)
  • two black and white ID photographs (they seem to have a very snazzy new system in place and only require 1 photo, but take 2 as you never know!)
  • R220 (you can pay by cash or credit/debit card at most places, but have the cash on hand just in case)
Before your licence can be renewed, you will need to have your fingerprints taken and you will have to undergo an eye test. If your sight has deteriorated since your licence was issued, new restrictions may be attached to your licence. For example, you may be required to wear glasses when driving. Should you fail the eye test completely, your driving licence will not be renewed.

The eye test took me bout 30 seconds, and fingerprints about 1 minute. BUT I did go to a very small centre (I would definitely recommend in Jo'burg is Bedfordview, the service was 100 times better than Edenvale and I was in and out in 15 minutes...truth!)

I was then told it would take about 4 weeks for my new, renewed license to arrive. 

Driving License Testing Stations:
click here for Cape Town
click here for Johannesburg 
click here for a more comprehensive, all over South Africa directory of testing stations

Hope you find that helpful, and good luck :)