Get Creative...*Bunting*

Ever since I first stepped into Wolves Coffee Shop in Illovo, I have been in love with bunting. Bunting?? What on earth is that? You know those cool vintage looking flags thingys that hang on strings? The fancy name for them is Bunting. Farmboy and I spent a lazy saturday afternoon trying our best to make them...they don't look very professional, but we had fun :)

For more detailed instructions click here. In the mean time, get your bum down to your nearest Fabric shop, put on your puppy dog eyes, and get your paws on some scraps...

Once you've got your scraps, cut out a triangle on some thick cardboard and use it as a stencil.

Once you've cut out lots of triangles, fold the top of the over a long piece of string or cord (we used about 5 meters) and staple the top 'closed'.

And there you go! Your very own triangle hanging thingy's :)