Heart Bunting {wedding DIY}

In the search for the perfect bunting for our wedding {and the cheapest we could get our hands on!} my soon-to-be Aunty Marina had a wonderful idea while perusing down the aisles of Makro. Let's make our own! Ok, I thought not really that original. Let's make our own using paper plates! Um, I thought, now you're getting somewhere...

Here's what resulted from our trip to Makro:

Easy peasy lemon squeezey! I have done a post a while ago on making your own fabric bunting (click here) but I think that these make a nice change don't you think?! 

{Inspiration} Thank you gifts

At the August I Heart Market in Durban, I spotted these really pretty vinyl stickers on little jars at the Little Mud Hut Designs stall.  I was immediately struck with what a cute gift they would make. My mind ran wild with images of buttons, ribbon & lace. These little guys were a gift from Vanessa (who is just the sweetest lady, and the brains behind the Little Mud Hut Designs). I am planning on using these to say thank you to some special friends who have been invaluable to me during the wedding planning. 

I also filled them with some pretty pieces I found at Mr Price, but really, you could fill them with anything {even ingredients to make hot chocolate or chocolate chip cookies would look amazing in these jars}. Why not reuse & recycle by visiting your local thrift store (my favourite is the Hospice and SPCA shops right here in Pietermaritzburg) and get crafty with all the different sizes and shapes of glass bottles there.

#HuttonWedding...2 weeks to go!

Yesterday marked the two week countdown to our wedding...eek! Here are a few snaps of our time spent on the farm cutting, hammering, sticking, tying and general DIYing in preparation for our big day. A huge thank you to everyone involved, I hope I wasn't too 'Bridezilla' like in my demands :)

Wedding Seating Plan {Inspiration}

Doors and window panes make for gorgeous additions to any rustic or farm style wedding. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one with the glass in tact, get your writing hand warmed up and get scribbling!

{Source: Style Me Pretty Pinterest Board}
Or what about using cute little pegs and string or bakers twine to create your own unique seating plan. A fun DIY project to do with your bridesmaids :)

{Source: Style Me Pretty Pinterest Board}
Or what about mixing and matching old frames to create a lovely collage of table numbers? Mix and match the colour, texture, shape and size of your frames until you're happy with the look!


2 Months to the {Wedding}

In just under 2 months time, I will be walking down the aisle. My my, the time has just flown past! Farmboy proposed (click here for the full post on how he popped the question!) on the 11th March this year, and 6 months felt like a perfect time to get everything done. But with only a few weekends left to get everything done, I am definitely starting to feel the pressure.

So, I thought I'd write a quick little list (l just love writing lists! And when they are written on cute stationary like this, I could write them forever!) of things that we have got done so far, and then of course there's what still needs to be done...

Now that all that is ticked off, I feel so much better! That is, until I turn over and see the To Do list glaring back at me...things like rings, favours and flowers oh my!

A weekend of {wedding DIY}

Last weekend was spent with sanders, nails, hammers, paint and of course multiple cups of coffee as Farmboy and I got our hands dirty in preparation for our wedding in September. The first few photo's show our awesome yellow wood sideboard (which will hold all our dessert at the wedding) and the last few shots of of the door to the barn (where our ceremony will be). The only problem with getting started, is that we realise just how much we still have to do to make all our idea's happen...eek!