My Woodland Themed Baby Shower in celebration of our baby girl

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A few weeks ago I was suprised with the most incredibly beautiful baby shower, organised by my very special new friend, Bianca. I first met Bianca at our local Pilates class and we immediately hit it off when she told me she was a freelance graphic designer. I was pleased as punch to meet a new friend in the same industry as me, and one who lives here in the same town as me.

We became fast friends over the months, and I jokingly one day asked her how she would feel about planning my baby shower. Well, she took up the challenge and I have no words to express how incredible she was, and how loved and special she made me feel on the day.

I didn't really have any requests for my baby shower, I simply wanted it to be a surprise and Bianca quickly got to work by stalking my Pinterest boards and picking up clues from photos I had shown her of the inspiration behind our nursery. With the help of some of the local ladies here (and my mom & sister - in law) she got right to work and planned the most beautiful party I have ever been to,

I had no idea the baby shower would be across the garden at my in-laws house, and after removing my blindfold, I promptly burst into tears that came in wave upon wave as Bianca showed me around. I was completely blown away at the attention to detail that went into each and every single thing, from the food to the hand painted signs, to the biscuit favors, to the gift area set up. Bianca had even organised a wonderful photographer (Courtney from Courtney Clegg Photography) who took all of these beautiful photos.

I was absolutely delighted to have Courtney there as it meant I didn't have to worry about capturing all the details and I could just enjoy myself (while still knowing I would have lots of photos to post on the blog afterwards).

The details

The food!

Wow...I don't have much more to say about the food than WOW!

Everything was carefully planned and so thoughtfully prepared and laid out. And how sweet are the little name cards for each of the eats. 

To everyone who came and spoilt our little girl, thank you. Thank you for making us feel so loved and special. Baby Hutton is one very lucky little lady to have you all in her life.

Thank you to my mom for making it to the farm to be there for the celebrations, and a very special thank you to my Farmboy for putting up with all pregnancy hormones and for being so patient and loving with me over the past 9 months.


Here's to the last few weeks of life before parenthood!

P.S. Any advice for us for these last few weeks? I'm trying to enjoy long soaks in the bath, afternoons naps and binge watching my favourite series, and finally finishing the crochet blanket I started in my first few months of pregnancy!

As of the time of writing this blog post, our little girl has already been with us for 10 days! She decided to join the world at exactly 38 weeks (2 weeks early) leaving me no time to finish her crochet blanket! I'll be sharing more about these first few days/weeks with her, as well as posting the backlog of posts I had planned for the last few weeks of my pregnancy!