Natal Midlands - Art Therapy Class with Terry Angelos

Terry Angelos Art Therapy class Natal Midlands

Just before wrapping up the end of 2016, I spent a most wonderful morning attending an art therapy class hosted by Durban based artist extraordinaire, Terry Angelos.

Terry uses nature as her inspiration, and creates the most beautiful works of art. She also owns the clothing store, Anthology, which is in the Windermere Shopping Centre in Durban.

Terry has just started doing art therapy classes here in Natal, hosting one in Durban earlier last year, and then finishing off with her second one for those of us who stay closer to the Natal Midlands. The class was focused on watercolour painting and aimed at beginners (thank goodness!).

Most of us hadn't done much painting before, and Terry showed us that we all are all capable of painting and there really is no secret to it all. It's all about having fun and putting paint to paper.

I was also able to meet up with some new and old friends (like Andrea from Bird & Design, Julie from Julia Jane Photography & Design & Leezl from Graphic Girl).

We learned all about mixing paints, how to create different brush strokes using the same paint brush, and then how to mix in other mediums like pens & pencils and markers to create unusual patterns and shapes. 

At the end of the class, Terry gave us all a quote to decorate, and we were encouraged to use all the skills we had learned to make it uniquely ours.

It was a most delightful morning and I can't wait for the next one!

If you'd like to join in the next session (or to find out more about them) click here to head on over to Terry's Faceook page to stay in the loop.

Terry Angelos Art Therapy Class natal midlands