Introducing...The Beauty Wolf


There are millions of beauty bloggers out there, some producing high quality reviews, and others that are just a bit sad to look it. I have developed quite an interest in graphic design lately, and when I stumbled across The Beauty Wolf's blog you'll understand why I fell in love; and why you will too.

I love finding blogs that are unique, that set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd, especially those that do so unpretentiously. These are the kind f bloggers that inspire me to blog, that inspire me to keep producing content, and to keep doing so in my own 'voice' and style.

This is what you get when you pair the already gorgeous packaging of South Korea beauty products with a keen eye for detail and design...Introducing The Beauty Wolf:

Coco, the wonder woman behind The Beauty Wolf, is an American born graphic designer who currently lives in Montreal, Canada with her husband and little girl. You can find her work here:





Please let me know of any other great beauty blogs that you love reading. I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to peruse!