Camping on Wido Island

Camping in Korea, Wido Island Gyeokpo, South Korea

Just before the full force of summer hit, a group of us went camping on Wido Island. Wido is on the west coast of Korea, accessible only by ferry from Gyeokpo. We often visit the beach near Gyeokpo, and the ferry is easy enough to access from the port.

There is a shuttle bus that rides around the island, but as the island is very small, the bus route and times are very unpredictable. We went by car (we took our car along with us on the ferry) and were a lot more flexible with finding a good camping spot. From what I have read about camping in Korea, you seem to be able to camp anywhere, as long as you respect the area and clean up after yourself. 

We spent a good 45 mins driving around Wido looking for the perfect spot, and finally found this little bay, tucked away from the main road and only accessible by a small path through over grown bushes.


It was a lovely break, complete with some yoga classes (I was in the middle of my 30 day yoga challenge and being outside was a nice change from the indoor yoga I was doing) good food and even better company.

Ferry Times:

Gyeokpo -  Wido: 8h00, 9h40, 10h50, 12h10, 13h30, 14h40, 16h20, 17h40 

Wido - Gyeokpo: 7h50, 9h30, 11h00, 12h10, 13h30, 15h00, 16h40, 17h40

(keep in mind these are the ferry times for the weekend schedule).

There are a few less ferry times for week days.

Cost: W8 000 per person one way

Time: 1h30 ferry ride

How to get to Gyeokpo:

1. Catch a green bus from the main Buan Bus Terminal (this is considered the 'fast' bus and costs around W3 000 each way and takes about 30minutes).

2. Across from the bus terminal outside the Paris Baguette are a few more intercity buses that run to Gyeokpo. These are slower, often stopping to let old adjumas on and off along the way. They can take up to an hour, and costs about W1500 each way.

All the buses will take you to the end of line in Gyeokpo (the final stop) which drops you off in front of a GS25 and another little mart. From there it's a short 5 minute walk to the ferry terminal. If the GS25 is directly in front of you, walk towards your right, away from the bus stop and keep walking through the little restaurants until you see the ocean. You should be able to easily find the ferry from there.