Rooftop gardening in Korea


Spring is officially here in South Korea, and to celebrate, Farmboy and I went off in search of some seeds to plant on the roof our apartment. Farmboy has been busy being, well, a farmboy, and hand made garden beds out of old palettes he found lying around in the streets. I found these, round smaller pots at our local Daiso. We also found all the seeds we were looking for at there too, as well as some gardening gloves for me (pink of course). For the soil we headed to the back of our building to dig up some topsoil and we found a large bag of nutrient rich soil at the local garden store. The basil and coriander has already started popping up in the big boxes and I can't wait to start making pesto again!

Not all of us have roof tops here in Korea, or rather not all of us have access to them (or land lords nice enough to let us use the space). If you don't, you can find little pots like these round ones all over the place and you can grow your own herbs and vegetables in your home. Your little plants just need water and sunlight to be happy. Now is the perfect time to start planting before the summer heat & humidity sets in.

Have you had any success growing your own herbs? I'd love to hear from you!

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