Teaching English in Korea...

Here are a few photographs of what I do all day here in Korea. It's not always this much fun, or this messy though. My main job is teaching middle school girls (click here to see more of that), but Farmboy and I both help out at an elementary school too. He mainly teaches the older students, and I get to to sing and play with the smaller ones.

Often they make me want to tear my hair out, or scream at the top of my lungs or just laugh out loud at the absurdness of certain situations. But on other days, they win me over with kisses and hugs and smiles that go on for days. And besides, I get to sing and dance to my hearts content, and they love it! It's a good way to get rid of the crazies, with sweet little souls who join right in.

This is what happened when we learnt about colours and shapes, with flour and water and a whole lot of paint...recipe to follow soon!

{sorry that the pictures are a little blurry…busy hands don't like to keep still for more than one second}