Island hopping in Korea

I'm not sure you can really call visiting one Island here island hopping, but I like the sound of it for the title of this blog post. On valentines day, Farmboy and I had the day off as our schools had just ended for the 'spring vacation'. It certainly is starting to feel a little like spring, even if the icy wind hasn't been notified yet.

Our little town is a 40 minute local bus ride from the sea, and to make the most of the nice weather we headed out to Wido island for a picnic lunch and a stroll. Wido island is very small, and it's best not to get caught up on the term 'island' as most of the islands here in Korea look nothing like the exotic patches of paradise in the rest of South East Asia. Even with that said, it was still a lovely day out and the underfloor heating on the ferry ensured a good healthy afternoon snooze both there and back again, lying on the floor, sandwiched between some loud snoring Koreans.

As with most of the public transport here, things tend to be delayed for odd reasons (perhaps not so odd if we are able to understand more of the messages barked out by bus drivers) we nearly missed the last ferry back to the mainland. This wouldn't have been much fun as there are not hotels or restaurants on the island. Luckily, a friendly policeman spotted us wandering around aimlessly looking for the bus that dropped us off earlier and he escorted us to the ferry. We do so love Korea and it's friendly people...