Innisfree Mineral Melting BB Cushion Review


This BB cream cushion is another in the line of 'air cushions' being sold by beauty stores all over South Korea. The 'cushion' is essentially called a cushion because the BB cream is in liquid form and you apply it using the soft cushion included in the compact. As the product is liquid, you are able to control the amount of coverage yourself making this my favourite form of foundation. 

I love how easy my foundation routine has become, and the best thing is that the compact is super easy to travel with and there are no worries about spillage as the sponge holds all the makeup in place.

This mineral melting BB cushion contains Jeju green tea water to create what Innisfreee describes as 'dewy and clear skin'. The actual BB cream itself is made up of a 5-in-1 formula for the following:

-Sebum Control (I didn't notice any)


-UV Protection

-Cooling (I didn't notice any cooling effect)

-Make up

Available in 3 shades: 01 - Pink Beige, 02 - Natural Beige and 03 - True Beige (pictured below)

A lot of people worry about hygiene when it comes to cushion puffs like the one in this compact. As this particular puff is of a higher quality than most, you can clean it (using something like this brush cleaner) without it falling apart. And replacements puffs are available for W1 500 at all Innisfree stores.

To use this BB cream simply dab the puff onto the BB soaked sponge and then dab onto your skin. When I first tried using this I was 'wiping' the BB cream on my skin and found that I ended up using a lot of product for each application. A little goes a long way if you use it with a dabbing, patting motion when you apply it to your skin. This is also the best way to build coverage. The finish is 'dewy' something that is very popular here in Korea, but that can easily be amended with a light dusting of your favourite setting powder for a more matte finish. What I do love about this BB cream is its very high SPF (50+) this means you know your skin is well protected from those harmful UV rays.

The actual coverage is very light, and I would say suited to people with good skin who just want the added protection that comes with a BB cream(moisture, sun protection, primer and foundation) . Even though the coverage wasn't great for me, the wear of it was. The overall glow that it gave my skin lasted throughout the day. Another thing  I loved is the fact that the actual compact itself is refillable. This means that I could try out another of the BB cushions without the hefty price tag of buying another compact. I have started using the Long Wear BB cream refill inside this compact and have found that coverage to be perfect for my skin. 

I would recommend this Mineral Melting BB cushion for the winter months as it is very moisturising, or if you only need a a BB cream to add glow and light coverage to your already good skin (luck you!).

Have you tried a cushion BB cream before? What did you think?