Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick #8


I want to introduce you all to my very first, proper grown up person lipstick. It's a beautiful red from Innisfree, with slightly orange/blue base notes and is part of their CreamMellow range of lipsticks. Don't let the sound of blue or orange scare you off, or the bright hue of the lipstick itself when you see it. This shade is surprisingly adaptable and looked as good on my olive skin as it did on my friend who has fair, pink undertones to her skin. This shade (#8) just works. It seems to effortlessly adjust to the natural colour of your lips and just looks gorgeous and sexy.  

The texture is creamy, and stays creamy throughout it's wear due to it's gel like hydrating formula. As this lipstick is more moisturizing, it isn't as long lasting as some of Innisfree's other lipsticks (I got about 2 hours worth of wear out of it). Even though the wear isn't it's strong point, you aren't left with any flaky bits of lipstick once it does start wearing off as usually happens with the longer wearing formulas. So the fact that it doesn't last forever on my lips doesn't count against this product for me at all.

Here is a super cheesy Instagram pic of me with my red lips:


I have never been brave enough to attempt red lips before, and finding just the right shade of red can be daunting. But after putting all fears aside and forcing myself to try this shade, I am now an avid red-lip-wearer. 

As with all Innisfree's products, the packaging is pretty in it's simplicity. It comes in a cream twist up tube with the colour of the lipstick itself on the bottom. This makes things really nice and easy in your bag or makeup drawer. No more wasting time opening and closing tubes to find the one you're looking for. It's the small things in life.

You can find yours at your local Innisfree store for W12 000 or online at W2Beauty where  you can get a $5 voucher for your first order  by signing up through my link and entering code 277629511 at registration. With my discount code (277629511) you'll only pay $11.50 with free world wide shipping!