SkinFood Black Sugar Scrub Foam {review}


My review on the SkinFood Black Sugar Face Serum is one of my most popular posts to date, and this lovely scrub goes hand in hand with it. 

This scrub is part of SkinFoods most popular range of products, their Black Sugar range. And their is a reason is has developed such a cult's amazing! 

The packaging is a gold coloured tube, with SkinFoods classic designed labels on the front and the back. The twist off cap is slightly annoying, as when your hands are full or product, the last thing you want to be worrying about is screwing the lid back on. It would be far easier if the cap was a flip lid, but this annoyance is minor. But do be warned, the contents of the tube do settle over the course of a day and it's best to shake and tube before using or else when you open it you'll be welcomed with only liquid and scrub particles. 

The scrub itself has tiny grains of black sugar and feels gritty upon first application. But after lathering, the gritty particles melt and the scrub becomes a rich creamy foam. This means that the product is very gentle on your skin, and suitable to be used everyday, or 3 to 4 times a week (depending on how sensitive your skin is). The first few seconds of application are where the real exfoliation will take place so make sure to scrub on the areas you want to fully exfoliate (like the nose and chin areas for me) before the scrub becomes foam.

The scent is amazing, as with all of the other products in this Black Sugar range it's refreshing and sweet, with a hint of citrus to wake you up and leave your skin reeling revitalised. 

After use, my skin feels clean, and super soft, without being left too dry. My skin has definitely been brighter, and the product itself is very effective at removing dead skin cells off the surface of my skin. I will most certainly be repurchasing it, along with the serum. 

The tube is 160g, and costs -+ W7300 (thats around $8) here in stores in South Korea.