See you in the New Year!

Dear CGS readers,

It's been an interesting year...if you'd like to catch up what's been happening these last 12 months, here are a few highlights:

-Celebrated 1 year of marriage...for which Farmboy made this video (I love this man to bits!)

-Returned to South Korea to teach English

-Spent our summer holidays traveling around Malaysia

-Photographed some gorgeous people, namely Caitlyn and Laura and I did a traditional Korean wedding shoot for Minhee & James

-Had some stressful situations involving a laptop

-Took part in a Creative Business Series aimed at inspiring other creatives to follow their dream and launch their own businesses

-Started a new series interviewing married women on their lives after their Wedding Days...for some matrimonial inspiration have a squizz at my Life After the Dress series

-Featured in 2 online magazines for photography (Photographers in Korea & Consol Glass Ebook Christmas Chapter) and 2 real print magazines (Wedding Inspirations and Grazia)

Last but not least I built, designed and launched this newly branded website and my online stationery store selling hand picked, boutique stationery in the form of pretty packages. Click here to start shopping <3

2013 you were good to me, but I am very much looking forward to the adventures that lie await in the new year.

Thank you to each and everyone of your lovely comments here on the blog, and on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

I'm looking forward to bringing you lots more pretty-ness next year.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a wonderful festive season with your family and loved ones.

As of tomorrow, Farmboy and I will be soaking up some sun in Vietnam, and so the blog will be back to normal by the middle of January. I will continue to post bits and pieces on Instagram if you'd like to follow along.

Happy holidays everyone!

With Love,