TheFaceShop ~ Oil Cut Sun Cream {review}


Oh what a wonderful find here in South Korea. This suncream from my favourite South Korean cosmetic brand, The FaceShop, works like a charm on my combination to oily skin. In the 100% humidity, it is still vital to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. But layering on a whole bunch of products usually leaves me looking like an oil slick once I head out the door.

The 'oil cut' range of sun care from The FaceShop takes care of that for me. It sets all my skin care products (I am still loving this Chia Seed range of skincare I bought a few weeks ago) and is the perfect base for makeup. With an SPF of 40, not only does it protect my face, but it prevents my skin from becoming shiny throughout the day. It is seriously long lasting, and I mean its a real Long Wearing product, you really have to cleanse your skin to remove all traces of it. This suits me just fine as I know that even with the humidity, I'm not going to be sweating it off. 

I do apologize for all the sweaty talk, but unfortunately, no matter how glamorous us Westerners here in South Korea may start out the day looking, within the 10 minute walk to school I am reduced to a hot, sticky mess, complete with frizzy hair, and rosy red cheeks. At least I won't have any wrinkles to add to the mix...



Have you tried any other great suncreams? I have heard good thing about Innisfree and Neutrogena too.