A day at the Beach in Korea

Beaches here in South Korea just cannot be compared to the beaches back home in South Africa, or to the incredible tropical paradises in the rest of South East Asia. But when temperatures are reaching 35C and the humidity is at 100%, the only thing you want to do is immerse yourself in cold water that isn't your shower or in the bath tub. 

A short 30 minute bus ride from our sleepy little town of Buan lies the town of Gyeokpo. Is is in the south-west corner of South Korea (click here for a map) and despite the stares from the Koreans for all the bare skin we were showing, the beach was semi-private and we had a little stretch of wet sand to ourselves.

There is a small convenience store at the bus stop in Gyeokpo where you can load up on supplies (drinks/beers and other treats) and then it's a 5 minute walk to the sandy shores. There aren't many places in Korea where you can actually swim, and we all really enjoyed the mini waves and refreshing salt water on our skin. Definitely worth a trip if you are in the area.