Bye Bye Pietermaritzburg!

Today was our last official day in our little flat here in Pietermaritzburg. Tomorrow we head out to the farm, where we will spend the next 10 days with Farmboy's family, before heading to Joburg to see mine. Then, on the 20th June we will be leaving South Africa for lots of adventures in Asia!


Even though we stay in a {tiny} 1 bedroom flat, the amount of stuff that keeps materializing and needing to be packed is frightening. I would never have guessed we would need 4 x cars, 2 x trailers, 15 x 160l HUGE black plastic boxes, and 10 x suitcases to pack up our life here. It's a little sad (especially saying goodbye to all our wonderful friends here) but at the same time, we are both so looking forward to this new season in our lives.

I do hope you will continue to follow along here on my blog, you can expect lots of great makeup posts (the makeup in Korea is incredible), stationary is gorgeous (see here) and lots of travel pics from the places we see along the way.

Thank you to each and everyone of my readers, for the comments, the likes on Facebook & the tweets. The support for CityGirlSearching means so much to me.

Expect some lovely photographs of our last few weeks in sunny South Africa, some cute creatures wandering around our complex, as well as a few last minute makeup reviews to come on the blog.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!