For the past few months, Farmboy and I have been thinking about traveling for the next couple of years, something which has been in my heart for a very long time. 

Friends and family have left us pretty much divided in their opinions {Farmboy does indeed have a really great job, hence his apprehension, and I am currently unemployed...hence my enthusiasm}.

This has left us pondering. Do we stay here in South Africa because the fear of finding jobs when we return is too great? Are we being silly and actually need to face the music and grow up?  While we are young, with no bonds or kids, should we just make the most of our youth and just go?

Next week I will be going back on the hunt, CV in hand to see if God's plan for our lives is indeed to be here in SA for the next while, or whether He intends for us to spread our wings and fly. 
What we can say for certain, is that what He has instore for us, will be a million times better than anything we could have planned.

So here is to the next few weeks of uncertainty. Each no I have received, I know deep down, means an even greater YES is just around the corner!