The story of {FarmBoy & CityGirl}

A little while ago, the lovely ladies behind Ruby and the Swallow featured our engagement shoot, along with some questions and answers about our relationship. {To read the full post, click here}

I thought I would post our love story here, seeing as we are getting married in 17 days :)

Dale and I met at Rhodes University. We were both heavily involved in the same community project, Galela Amanazi (which means ‘pour the water’. We helped set up water tanks in the surounding townships of Grahamstown). He had been brought on as an environmental consultant, and I was in charge of publicity and media. He was barefoot, shaggy bearded and non-conforming, and I wore earrings that matched the colour of my nails. Complete opposites.

Dale was brought up on a dairy farm, I have lived in concrete jungles my whole life. I remember us discussing this fact as we were paired together to go and find out the cost of sausages for a fundraiser. It turned out that that evening, we were the only two committee members who were able to get together to make T-shirts for the fundraiser the next day. And what followed can only be explained as a whirlwind romance.

You see, I had a boyfriend at the time, of nearly 5 years. We had been doing long distance for the 3 past 3. It was’t easy but we were happy. That is, until I met Dale. In this life you can’t choose who God puts in your life, and who He has destined for you to be with. And if it wasn’t for Dale, I would never have come to know God.

Fast track through 3 years (6 months at University together, a year teaching English to cute little kiddies in South Korea, 6 months living in Pietermaritzburg) and here we are…Engaged! 

Here's to spending the rest of my life with you Farmboy, and adventure I am beside myself with excitement to start with you by my side.