Winter Beauty Fav's

I nearly thought I was too late to post this, with Pietermaritzburg hitting the 30 degree mark...but then this happened and I realised we still have at least a few weeks of winter to go!

A few of my favourite beauty goodies for winter:

1. Epi-Max All Purpose Moisturiser {Clicks & Dischem +-R40}
As I have quite sensitive skin, I have to be really careful what I use on my body. This has been a very hard thing for me to accept as I love products (one glance at my bathroom cabinet and you will have mistaken it for a shelf at Dischem!) but alas, too many petrochemicals and added scents leaves me looking like I have escaped from a leoprasy village...not a good look for me. So I stick to the bare minimum, and have found this body moisturiser to be nourishing and creamy on my skin. I wouldn't use it in Summer though, with the heat it would leave your skin feeling clammy and heavy. But for winter its perfect!

2. L'oreal Mythic Oil {Selected Hair Salons +-R180}
I actually got this full sized product in one of my Ruby Boxes at the end of last year. I hadn't used it very much, and got such a nice surprise when I tried it again a few weeks ago. My hair has been feeling a little neglected this winter, with my ends looking a bit frazzled. A few pumps of this hair oil, a little massaging tlc and my hair is left feeling shiny, soft and smelling amazing!

3. Clarins Pure & Radiant Mask {Dischem & selected salons +-R320}
A little while ago I really treated myself to a Clarins Facial At Hotel Izulu in Ballito, and while there I decided to be a devil and purchase the mask used. It's one of nicest face masks I have ever used, leaving my skin feeling soft and refreshed. It claims to leave the skin looking radiant and refined, I haven't really noticed that much radiance going on, but I love the texture and the softness of my skin afterwards. But it is rather pricey , and as much as I love it, when it's finished I'm not sure I will top up my stash.

4. Essence Studio Nails Cuticle Cream {Clicks & Dischem +-R29}
A while ago I wrote a post on Essence make up, which at that time was only available at selected Clicks stores, but since then is now available and in a much wider range at most Dischems. Essence has found a rather large spot in my makeup bag, with all their products being such good value for money, and being really good quality too! This cuticle cream is no excpetion. Cuticle oil and creams are an inexpensive way of nourish your nails, and in turn helping you grow strong, healthy nails. My nails always take a bit of a beating in winter, and this cuticle cream not only smells fantastic but leaves my nails looking well cared for.

5. Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum {Body Shop +R120}
Now that this serum is nearly finished...sniff sniff.. I most certainly need to re-stock. This serum is absolutely perfect for any skin looking for a bit of moisture surge. I use it under my daily moisturiser. It makes the perfect make-up base, and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or looking shiny. I wound't use this if you have very oily skin though, and I wont be using it in Summer, and the humidity would probably lead to shiny looking skin, but for now it's perfect for those days when your day cream is just not cutting it.

6. ESSE Deep Moisturiser {Selected Stockist Full Size R290}
**full review of this magical product to follow soon!** In the mean time, just know that I have been searching high and low for a product that I can actually read the back label and not feel like I have been thrown head first into a science experiement. All ESSE products are 100% organic, produced right here in Kwazulu Natal. I got this sample when I went for the most incredible ESSE Facial at Spruce Salon in Morningside Durban and have just purchased the full size product and I am loving it!

7. Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream {Clicks R170} 
*full review click here* 8 months down the line and I am still using this wonder product. It is probably the only product I have bought 3 times in a row! It also lasts for ages, and leaves a very slight shimmer effect, which is just so pretty. 

8. Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment {Dischem +-R50}
I have been using DCT ever since I first went onto Roaccutane for my skin 8 years ago. It's a staple in my handbag, make up bag, pencil case and pocket! Cocoa Butter, Aloe and Vitamins A & E all help to maintain healthy, moist, kissable lips. DCT leaves my lips with a very soft sheen, meaning I don't have to wear any lipgloss over. With my long nails it's a little but of a pain to get out the tub, but whats left over after using on my lips I use on my cuticles! Miracle product for sure!  

Do you have any beauty favourites for winter??