#HuttonWedding overload

80 days today, and I will be saying I do and walking down the aisle. It has only really just hit me, how much work is still to be done. As we are getting married on Farmboy's parents dairy farm, I thought it a wonderful idea to do everything myself (this means source every decor item, purchasing most of them myself) in the hopes that I could really get my hands dirty. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And now, after getting very eager with our digital save the dates, and sending them out to far too many people, we are very clearly over our numbers. Unfortunately, this can't just be fixed with a little cash injection (although that wouldn't hurt either) but rather we physically DO NOT HAVE the space! Eeeek!

Now, I'm worrying that the barn will only be able to seat 100 people, and the other 80 will have to stand outside, craning heir necks to catch a glimpse of our nuptials, worrying that the slightly eccentric lady we are hiring our cutlery from will simply 'forget' my wedding date, that my dress will never be ready in time, and of of course, that the makeup artists won't wake up in time to get us ready at 5am on the day. You know, the usual stresses :) Oh, and worrying that the poor barn owl who has taken up residency in our 'church' will decide to give us one last wedding present on the day covering the benches and chairs with a powder white coat!

Anyway, instead of pulling my hair out, I'm off to make myself a cup of tea, and finish the last of the invites...

source {inhale nature}