With love...from Korea

While teaching in South Korea in 2010, Farmboy and I were both lucky enough to have really nice Korean co-teachers. My co-teacher, 정 히 (thats 'Cindy' for those non-Korean speakers among us!) became really great friends, going shopping together, and often meeting for coffee dates on the weekend. When Cindy heard that Farmboy and I got engaged earlier this year, she asked me if there was anything special I would like from Korea. As I had a rather unhealthy relationship with the stationary there, I chose a few items which she very kindly had shipped to us to help 'beautify' our wedding.

 정 히, thank you so very much. Your gifts are so thoughtful, and every time i look at them they bring back all the wonderful memories we shared!

So without further ado, I introduce to you all to the latest addition to my collection of all things stationery: