Another week has come and gone, and with it, another photo challenge! This week's theme was Yellow. Every week, the team (which consists of 15 members from all over South Africa, and in fact, from all over the world as we have 2 members in Asia!). A new theme is chosen on Monday and then everyone has to find a photograph that feel best suits that week's theme. Then they have to send me their submission by Sunday evening, and I post them early Monday morning. We have been going for over months know and it has been amazing to see everyone improve (not just in their photographic skill, but in their creativity!). 

And a BIG welcome to our newest member, Julia! Good luck with your photographs Julz, I can't wait to see them :)

Well done everyone!

Here are the submissions from this week:

Taken by: Cathy

Taken by: Lisa

Taken by: Julia
Taken by: Ron
Taken by: Roxy

Taken by: Sue
Taken by: Vicky