Natur Vital *Rose Water Toner*

Scouting around Dischem in search of skin care products is never an easy task. I get distracted by all the packaging, the promises of "clearer looking skin in just 10 days" etc etc etc. Farmboy calls Dischem the 'trap door of all trap doors" which lures unsuspecting girl friends, fiance's and wives, only to spit them out hours later, penny less, but armed with every kind of eyeliner, lipgloss and conditioner under the sun. Sounds like my kinda place :)

Well, it was on one of those missions, to find the perfect toner, that my eyes happened to look upon the 'no name brand' aisles when I spotted this Rose Water Toner. For only R20 I thought I couldn't really go wrong, and, well I sure didn't. 

NaturVital is a range of "products that provide natural solutions to all your beauty, hygiene and personal care needs. We have a very clear work ethic and the products we prepare for you are always of the highest quality, made using natural extracts, oils and plant essences, in exactly the right balance and proportions to provide the maximum effect in a natural, non-aggressive way"...sounds a little airy fairy to me. But I did need a new toner while I wait for my cleanser and day cream to finish, and for R20 you can't really go wrong. I would liken this toner to Vichy's Thermale 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution (click here) but without the R198 price tag.

To be honest, I think I can officially say this has got to be one of the gentlest, effective cleansers I have ever used. It's kind to my skin, whilst still removing all traces of makeup and dirt, leaving my skin feeling soft and clean. It's all use before bed, with a dab of night cream. It has a rather pleasant smell and of course, I just love the colour :). There are lots of known benefits to using rose water (click here) and up until now I didn't really see what all the fuss is about But after using this toner for a little over a month I can really see a difference in my skin's moisture levels (it's no longer dry in patches) and it feels soft as a baby's bum. I can't say for sure whether it's helped my recent outbreak of dreaded pimples, as I am on a course of Antibiotics which has worked wonders, but never the less I love this product!

If your looking for something that's easy on your pocket, looks very pretty and works pretty darn well as a cleanser, toner and make up remover, head on over to Dischem pronto!