{Macaroons} What not to do...

Today I am very proud of myself, I unhooked, carried, loaded, refilled, carried, reloaded and re-hooked my first ever gas cylinder! What a day, and boy are those cylinders heavy, wowee! And to celebrate having a fresh tank of gas, Candice and I decided to try out what looked like a very easy Macaroon recipe in the latest edition of Ideas.

And while they didn't quite come out liked i had hoped (I didn't even get to a point where I needed to make the delicious creamy white chocolate centre!), I still had fun. And i now have squishy balls of sugary mess to munch on in the cold winter nights while Farmboy is away in Ethiopia.

I thought  maroons were as easy as:

This is what was supposed to happen when the above steps were followed:

Instead, this is what I am left with...

But they (or it) is still very yummy! Not sure where exactly I went wrong...not using greaseproof paper was a big mistake, as well as having my oven a little too hot. 

 I will just have to give them another go i think???