#PhotoOfTheWeek...Bits & Bats/Pieces/Bobs

Thanks to my step-dad Rob for this past week's theme "Bits & Bats". Upon first hearing this I was a little confused, but on closer examination (and a very puzzled look on face) I was informed that Bits & Bats is another way of saying Bits & Pieces or as some say, Bits and Bobs :)

So here are some of the entries for this week's photo challenge!

Taken by: Megs
Taken by: Dale

Taken by: Nats

Taken by: Roxy
Taken by: Rob
Taken by: Vicky
I love the creativity everyone...Well done!

*if you would like to join in our Photo Challenge (remember it's not a competition, but rather a way to challenge yourself to take a different kind of picture every week!) you can drop me an email here or alternatively use the contact form at the top of this page*