PGCE Field trip to *WESSA* Howick

This week our Postgrad Teaching Diploma class was treated to a day out at the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa (WESSA) base in the Umgeni Nature Reserve in Howick, just outside Pietermaritzburg. 

The aim of the trip was to show us teachers in training how we can use the natural environment as a resource in our classroom, as well as how we can incorporate environmental awareness into our own teaching subjects. 

I am studying to be a Foundation Phase Teacher (Grade's R - 3) so I am a little nervous about taking a bunch of little children to a running stream and telling them to find creepy crawlies :) I think i would have to devise 'dog' leashes for all of them to make sure I could keep an eye on them!

All in all it was a super great day out and really got our minds buzzing with idea's.

If you would like to find out more about WESSA and the work they do (as well as their numerous volunteer programs) click here

We played a game using brightly coloured picture cards, strolled around the peaceful reserve, and did an experiment to find out if the local stream held drinking water...thanks for the great day out WESSA!

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