Bridesmaid Dresses

I was a little bit over keen (or I should rather use the term *organised*) and I went out and bought my bridesmaid dresses without having asked my bridesmaids! 
It was easy for me as I roughly know their sizes and have bought them well in advance so that alterations can be done if necessary. I had already decided a little while ago that I wanted to buy them at Forever New as I love the style of the store and I *love* every single item of clothing there! 

I had also decided that I wanted each dress to be different, but to also be something that my bridesmaids will/would like to wear again. I do not want to be one of those brides that purposefully makes her bridesmaids look ugly so that she can look beautiful on the day. I want them to each be comfortable, while still feeling and looking their best. 

I had long ago decided on my colour scheme (soft corals/peaches/pinks/beiges) and when I spied different dresses in these colours (and *ON SALE*) i decided to just buy them! You never know if they will have the colours you really want closer to the time.
 Forever New also offers an exchange policy, so if the sizes are really off (and the dress is still in stock) then they will gladly exchange within a particular time perid.

Here are a few sneak peak's of the dresses...but I still have 6 months to change my mind if I find something that I like better :)