Lovely Market Finds...*Indulgent Delights*

I found myself at the wonderful I Heart Market again on Saturday (it was their first opening of the year) and the heat sure made it's presence known! But despite the humidity and general "sweaty"ness of everyone there, it was a great turnout! I found a relatively new store which caught my eye...Indulgent Delights. Hannah makes all kinds of lovely goodies, from bunting to cushions to children's toys and lots lots more. After my attempt last year at making bunting, I will definitely be chatting to Hannah in the future before I attempt any more myself! 

This is a shot Moses Mabhida Stadium. The Markets new venue is on the other side of the stadium to where it was last year! There is ample parking opposite the market! Don't make the mistake I did and park where you think the market will be and the hike in 35C weather and arrive looking frazzled :)

If you would like to get in touch with Hannah, you can drop her a line directly at or pop over to her Facebook group to find out more!