Launch of *Buttercup* Collectibles...

Over the past few months I've had my fair share of free time...time to reflect on my dreams and goals for the future (the serious stuff) and time to look at around at every Antique store here in the Midlands/Pietermaritzburg area (the fun stuff). In doing so, I have picked up quite a collection of lovely pieces that I have no space for in my home. That's why I have decided to start Buttercup Collectibles. 

I will be at the I Heart Market selling lots of Vintage bits and pieces, which would look great as decor items, but most are still in good working order and can be used. If you are like me and love the idea of owning something unique and special pop by my stall and have a browse. If you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to let me know and I will try to source it for you on my many wanderings in Charity Shops and Antique Stores :)

Here is a glimpse as to what will be available to purchase next Saturday...

If you are able to be at the Market, and nothing here take's your fancy, please come stop by and say hello anyway :)

*Don't forget to head on over to the Facebook group where I will be posting more pic's of what will be on sale next Saturday*