Wonder Market and then some

On Sunday Farmboy and I (and my mom's fluffy poodle Xena) took a trip to the new Wonder Market at the Chris Saunders Park in Umhalanga (right opposite Gateway). A nice chance from the I Heart Market which happens on the first Saturday of ever month, the Wonder Market takes place on the freshly cut grass and manicured garden that make up the Chris Saunders Park in Umhalanga. With stalls offering wholesome and healthy delights as well as all sorts of pretty things, there is something for everyone. 
 Following on the success of the launch of the Wonder Market, this last Sunday was only it's second appearance. I'm sure there will be many more in the coming year. Click here for the facebook group so you can get all the nitty gritty.
Picked up this lovely poster at the market, from the ladies at FreshlyFound:

After the market it was down to a spot of shopping at Gateway. Or rather, I should say, I spot of run-into-store-grab-last-minute-present-run-back-out but we managed to pick up these old photographs at the Antique Fair happening at the one end of the mall...

Not sure what we are going to do with them yet, any ideas???