TipTop *Sherbet Angel*

I have been loving this range of nail polish from Clicks since I spotted them a few months ago. They paint beautifully, don't bubble and are pretty good when it comes to being chip proof. I hadn't given them a second glance the first time my eyes brushed past them, as the snob in me thought that paying anything less than R80 for a nail polish = waste of time. But surprise surprise, these little guys have left me amazed. If you apply (like Rimmel's Stronger Double Duty), as well as (like Sally Hansen's Insta' Dry), you could get about a weeks wear.

What I also love about Tip Top is the huge range of colours, from neon pinks, to powder blues, and every shade in between. They have also recently launched a range called "You Crack Me Up" which gives a (you guessed it!) a cracked effect when applied...fun for summer :)

*I am wearing Sherbet Angel*
Tip Top is exclusive to Clicks stores, and at a price of R39.99 you really cant go wrong. 

Happy painting!