Eyebrow **Threading**

According to the Brow Bar in Clear Water Mall (Joburg) threading is an "ideal brow shaping technique from Asia...no heat, no chemicals, no redness, no pain". I'm not sure about the 'no redness, no pain' part as I my eyebrows were pretty red straight after, and it was a little sore (this could have been due to the thick bush of eye brows I had hiding under my fringe). The 'procedure' was not unbearable though,  and I definitely think waxing hurts more. But the results really do speak for themselves. 

*now that I look at these pic's a bit closer, my brows don't seem to look so overgrown, but trust me when I say that it was nearly time to for some heavy duty hair removal*

For R70 a very friendly lady preens your brows to your face shape...giving a lovely even finish :) I was in and out of there in 7 minutes flat!

The Brow Bar is situated at Clear Water Mall, Entrance 3.