I wish I was Mary Poppins

I wish I was Mary Poppins, then I could fit all of this in my bag, and still have space for the kitchen sink...

After having a read of a really lovely blog called Bobbylicious, who was doing her take on  Tails of a Mermaid's What's in Your Bag, I thought I'd join in the fun...what do you have in your Mary Poppins carpet bag?

1. Purse - always empty :(
2. Orbit Gum - minty fresh
3. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream - freebie from Elle
4. Rosebud Salve - lip balm from South Korea, Farmboy hates the smell of the above, so I just keep both in my bag, you just never know...
5. ID book - horrible picture included
6. Polaroid pic of Farmboy and me - incase I forget what he looks like
7. Notebook - for scribbles and thoughts
8. Canderal - to sweeten things up
9. Girl stuff
10. Toni Glass Tea bag - love the packaging
11. Powder compact - for touchups
12. Pencil - to scribble with
13. Hand wipes - for freshening up
14. Mini deo - to keep me smelling like roses
15. Eye drops - I get horrible itchy eyes if I get too cuddly with fluffy things
16. Handbag holder from Accessorize
18. Lancome Juicy Tubes - 'strawberry funk'
19. Smashbox Limitless lipgloss - 'for keeps'
20. Pen - incase the pencil runs out :)
21. Balkin I-trip - so I can listen to my favourite tunes without annoying radio ads
22. Never enough hair stuff!