30DaysOfMe...Day 8

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

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Today is the 13th October, so that leaves me with 18 days to achieve a few goals...hmmm.
Well where am I in life right now, I recently resigned from my job (I wasn't there for all that long, but I was there long enough to realise that what I was doing was not for me) so where does that leave me. Well, I have always loved anything and everything to do with beauty. 

goal #1 Do some sort of beauty/makeup course in the next few weeks

goal #2 Start sewing (which I officially started yesterday) so lets rather say that my second goal is to actually finish the dress

goal #3 As I have decided to up and move to Pietermaritzburg till the end of the year (to be closer to Farmboy) my next goal is to start an interesting new blog series (I have a few idea's that I can't wait to share!)

goal #4 Wrap my Santa Shoe Boxes and get them ready for the drop off in November

goal #5 apart from finishing/achieving the above, I need to get further along with this series! I started the #30DaysOfMe just under 3 months ago, and even though I manage to blog about other random stuff just about every day, I am only on Day 8. Shocking...Must fix that!