Woman's Day 10k run!

This Woman's Day, TotalSports and Shape magazine teamed up to bring us a 5 & 10 k race in Jo'burg, Durban and Stellenbosch. For the past 5 weeks I have been following (well at least as best as I can) Shape's training schedule to get fit and ready to run 10k's. Now, I had a vague idea that the race was at the beginning of August, but this didn't quite register until a week before when I realised I would have to cut my 12 week program down to 5 weeks...eek! Just so you know, before I started with the program, the furthest I could run was to the kitchen to answer the phone and even then I felt like my heart was going to explode. I hated running and always felt so useless whenever I tried. But with the goal of having already registered for a race, the rest just happened :)

I didn't run the whole thing, I walked, a lot, but the point is I finished it and I was not the last person to cross the finish line either. What an exhilarating experience! And, not a bad way to get fighting fit and bikini ready for summer.

 If you are thinking about getting your run on but need a bit of motivation, click here to join hundreds of other women just like you, who, with a little help from Shape, could be the next Comrades winner! :)  Just sign up for their weekly newsletter which is sent to you every friday with the next weeks training schedule. The program is broken down into 3 days of training, with lots of idea's and tips on getting the most out of it. Plus, join their facebook and twitter profiles to connect with other women out there going through exactly the same thing :)

PS the SPAR Women's Challenge is happening on the 27th August at the SuperSport Park in Centurion, Jo'burg with entries open for both a 5k and a 10k race. Go on, your body will <3 you for it. Plus all finishers will receive a medal and a goodie bag...yay! Click here to enter.