I lurve presents...

Tomorrow, I will officially be joining the thousands of other South Africans and becoming a part of the working world...not too excited for this as my new job involves a 6 day week and lots of long hours (*hoping I still get the time to fit in blogging!*). But I am very keen to start this next phase of my life :) So, where does the title of this post come from? Well I headed down to Durbs to see Farmboy as he had a long weekend *not sure when next I'm going to be able to see him as I will be working weekends...sniff sniff* and along the way I met up with a new friend for some hot chocolate and my first nibble of a macaroon. Macaroons are all the rage at the moment, with bloggers going crazy for them, but I wasn't so taken, a little sweet for my liking, but definitely edible!

Anywho...where was I...oh yes, I met up with Megan from ChinaDollIllustrations, *I did a little interview on her a short while ago and we hit it off and have been friends ever since* :) In the process of buying one of her prints, we got our wires crossed and the print that I'm waiting for is still on it's way, so she gave me this one as a little prezzie...it's gorgeous! You have to check out her other work, she is just so darn talented!

**Megan is having a giveaway at the moment! Click here for more info on how to get your paws on a puppy!**