South Korea...Looking Back

This morning I found myself reminicising about Farmboy and my adventures teaching English in South Korea. We were there for a year and just got back in March this year. We had an amazing time, and are planning to go back sometime in the future. For more info on our time there and of how to go about getting there, click here :) In the mean time, I leave you with these...

The first breakfast we had during our Orientation...a sign of things to come??
One of the 'traditional' buildings we were taken to see during the Orientation in Seoul...Koreans are very proud of their heritage!

Not sure what this flag was for, but it made a nice picture!

This was one of my schools. In Korea, elementary, middle (and most) high schools are all Public Schools. They don't work on the same 'public/private' school system we have here in South Africa. 

In 2002, the Soccer World cup was jointly held by Korea & Japan. The only way this little guy understood where I was from was by the very frequent use of the expression "Namagong (which is the Korean word for South Africa) World Cup".

This is me and my wonderful Korean Co-Teacher Cindy, and some little cuties. We all teach alongside a Korean co-teacher which helsp with the language barrier

This was taken on a teachers 'friendship excursion' with some of the staff at my other school. The Korean schools love their friendship trips, going on at least 1 a term.

This was taken on a trip to a Korean Fort.
There is absolutely no space in South Korea. Veggie gardens are planted in between sky scrapers.

My mommy came to visit me! This is a typical meal for 2 in a Korean restaurant. Loads and loads of side dishes that no-one ever eats :) This meal is called "samgyusal" or pork bbq. You cook the pork on the stove in the middle, and then make a lettuce saarmie filling it with whatever side dishes take your fancy. Absolutely delish!
Pagoda's like this one are at the top of every hill/mountain all over Korea. They make good look out points, and you often find old grannies sleeping under them :)

So there you have it...a little glimpse into what life is like on the other side of the globe....