**Eye-Lash** Extensions

Now it's time for some cheesy shot's, but bear with me ok :)

Yesterday I went to get eye-lash extensions. I have heard (and seen!) great things about this 'procedure' but have alsways been a bit hesitant at the thought of tiny things being inserted/stuck into my eyes. Well, it being my mom's wedding and all this weekend I thought I'd give them a try. What have I got to lose anyways (*well apart from an eye or two I guess). Most salons offer extensions at R800 and upwards, with a 2-3 week fill at around R400. I found a place in Lonehill, Fourways, which does a full set at R380, and a 2 week fill at R200. I think the results speak for themselves...

Here's me looking cheesy:

And me looking just as cheesy, but now with ultra glam lashes:

Ok, they did take an hour and a half to do, and I did get horribly bored, but it was most definitely worth it. Just a note, I'm not wearing any mascara in either set of pic's, and won't need to with the extensions on *how great is that*. My only worry is washing my face. I have been told to remove makeup carefully with an earbud and cotton wool, and to avoid the eye area when I do wash my face (not exactly sure how Im going to do that in the shower but will let you know how that goes).

The salon I had them done in is called Magic and is situated in Pineslopes Shopping Centre, on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Forest drive, opposite Monte Casino.