Make Up: Good Quality...Nice Price

Australian MakeUp brand Essence has been around in Clicks here in South Africa for a while now, but at first I was a bit hesitant to try any of the range.  After walking straight past numerous times, I decided to give it a try (*I must admit it might have had more to do with my balance of funds than anything else*). I was not disappointed!

First up...
'Essence Mosaic Powder'

"with different perfectly aligned colours each, these mosaic powders conjure-up either a gorgeous rosy complexion or a sun-kissed tanned look. you now have a choice of the mosaic powder in a natural fresh colour combination or as a gentle bronzing powder"

'Essence Colour & Shine' Eyeshadow

"sure to satisfy even the highest demands on eye make-up: the baked colour & shine eyeshadows contain an unusually high pearl pigmentation to make your eyes shine like the stars! thanks to the triple-colored marbling, the light colors are especially radiant while the darker shades have incredible depth. the silky powder texture makes application really easy and the colors are super vibrant! apply moist for even more intensive results"

The Mosaic powder works wonderfully as a very subtle bronzer with lots of shimmer, and it lasts all day. The eyeshadows are easy to blend and are highly pigmented, so they really show up well.

Above is my growing collection...the swatch on the right are the eye shadow colours. The colour & shine shadow was from their 'Bohemia' range in "Good Old Times" and the duo eyeshadow in "Girls Night Out".

And look at these cute 'styling cards' you can download from the website:

Don'y let the young girly looking advertising put you off, with prices ranging from R30 - R80, you definitely get bang for your buck :)

Plus, Essence doe not test their products on animals (*yay*). Essence is stocked at most Clicks & Dischem Stores.