The **Green Grass** Shop

This afternoon Farmboy and I took a little drive to a slightly different part of town. Our travels took us to Parkhurst, one of the coolest areas of Jo'burg I've ever come across. I can't quiet believe I've never been there before. Packed full of dainty antique stores, and cute cafe's, the main focus of our morning was The Green Grass Shop.  

The Green Grass shop sells lots of unique gifts, like this clock (above middle) and a host of crocheted animals...the owls being my favourite! But their main focus is on design. They have just got themselves a laser machine, and with it create all sorts of designs and engravings on anything from paper to wood. A nice touch for wedding invites :)

Check out their website here or pop in to their store at Flat 3 Sunlit Court, 34 Fourth Avenue, Parkhurst