A new kind of yogi...

It's day 2 and I'm rather chuffed with myself at having gone to Bikram Yoga 2 days in a row *apart from the fact that I needed a 5 hour rest when I got home at 7 am this morning to recover* life sure is easy when you don't have much else to do :)

I am starting to accept the fact that i have only been home for 6 days and therefore do need to take some time to really focus on what I really want to do and where I want to go in life. Which means bumming off my parents for a little while longer, nothing wrong with that hey!

So...while the search for "meaning" (what does that even mean?!) continues, I leave you with some of the world's cutest yogi's. Dan Borris pairs 2 rather unlikely elements to create something adorable...


click here to buy your very own Yoga Dogs/Cats 2011 Calendar :)

**the dogs & cats aren’t actually forced into these obscure and awkward positions.  As explained in an article on Express.co.uk, Borris works with his wife Alejandra and uses computer editing to make the poses look authentic**

And in places like the US, Taiwan and Japan, the above pictures may just become more than a picture in a calendar:

"The idea of canine yoga – or doga – classes was dreamt up by American-based yoga instructor Suzi Teitelman. She discovered that her dog, a spaniel, liked to join in with her yoga exercise routine at home in America.
Classes of doga are increasing in number and popularity in the US. Doga is the latest American import to have taken off in UK, Japan and Taiwan, and may eventually be exported to the rest of the world".

umm...I'm not so sure: