Meandering Madness!

If you've got a few days and feel like some nice scenery and a bit of an arty*farty atmosphere, then why not head to the Natal Midlands to meander your way around restaurants, coffee shops, quaint b&b's and loads of funky arts & crafts!

Here is a map of the area: *For a more detailed interactive map click here for the official Midlands site*

On our way to Balito from Farmboy's Farm, we picked up our very own guide (Farmboy's delightful videographer friend, Luke) hopped into our car and away we went. Here's a few pics of where we stopped off:

1. Aladdin's-de-Light

A little disappointing as their coffee shop was closed for renovations. But, if your looking for some antiques you might spy one or two 'de-lights' :)

2. The Faraway Tree

Ummm...what can we say about this place...a little creepy perhaps? Not worth a stop unless your a real fairy fanatic :)

Chris offers a great introduction to all of the cheeses he has on offer (and of course a chance to stuff your face with cheese tasters!) . Also offered is a cheese-making courses from R750 a person for whole day filled with the intricate processes of turning milk into that yummy yellow stuff! Email Chris at for more details.

Full of exciting bits of junk, this shop is filled to the brim with brightly coloured goodies from all over the show; as well as a very impressive range of 'antiquey' looking furniture. Definitely worth a stop!

Quaint little shop near Lions River with lots of scented goodies and loads of cute home made pajama's :) Definitely worth a browse.

And a few more pic's along the way...