Shadow The Jindo

Black Tan Korean Jindo

In September 2013, we found a small black ball of fluff wondering down a dark country road while living in Korea. We couldn't just leave him there and so our little family became 3. #ShadowTheJindo is a black and tan Korean Jindo, a breed of dog native to South Korea (he probably has some other breed mixed in there too but for the most part what we can tell from seeing Jindos here he is for the most part Jindo).

Jindos were originally bred as hunting dogs, and make excellent apartment pets (as we have found much to our surprise) as they clean themselves like cats and make very little noise. We love our little wolf dog and are loving seeing him adapt to his new home here in South Africa.

If you'd like to know more about him, or to read helpful posts on owning a dog in Korea (and now back here in South Africa) then just click on the images below: