{Inspiration} Thank you gifts

At the August I Heart Market in Durban, I spotted these really pretty vinyl stickers on little jars at the Little Mud Hut Designs stall.  I was immediately struck with what a cute gift they would make. My mind ran wild with images of buttons, ribbon & lace. These little guys were a gift from Vanessa (who is just the sweetest lady, and the brains behind the Little Mud Hut Designs). I am planning on using these to say thank you to some special friends who have been invaluable to me during the wedding planning. 

I also filled them with some pretty pieces I found at Mr Price, but really, you could fill them with anything {even ingredients to make hot chocolate or chocolate chip cookies would look amazing in these jars}. Why not reuse & recycle by visiting your local thrift store (my favourite is the Hospice and SPCA shops right here in Pietermaritzburg) and get crafty with all the different sizes and shapes of glass bottles there.

Bling from *Mr Price*

Found this pretty *bracelet* at Mr Price. I'm loving the feminine look and feel of it, makes you feel like a real lady when wearing it.

A real steal for only R39.99. If you like the look of my nails click here for the full post :) 

I hope you have all had a wonderfully relaxing weekend!


*Hair Jewels* by Mr Price

Wandering around Mr Price one day, something shiny caught my eye. Being ever so found of all that glitters (I must most definitely have been a raven in a previous life!) I wandered on over to have a squizz. 5 minutes and R39.99 later and she is all mine!

Have you found any treasures lately??