Essence Concealer {review}

This is the second time I am featuring this concealer, and the reason is's the best one I've ever used. Its easy on the pocket, does what it claims to do and leaves me a very happy chappy.  It only comes in two shades which is a bit of pain for those of us who don't fit into either of them, but it's easily blended, meaning you could mix it in with your favourite foundation. I have raved about Revlon's Colourstay Concealer in the past, but this little guy takes the cake especially with its price tag of R35.99!

Have you tried any of Essence's other products? A review of their new BB cream up on the blog soon!

Essence Cuticle Moisturiser {review}

I found this little gem at Dischem the other day, while looking for some new polish shades for Spring. My cuticles have been a little dry (leading to my nails not quite looking as healthy as they should) and this cream is exactly what I've been needing. I have always used Sally Hansen's cuticle oil, but being an oil, it's very 'oily' and I end up leaving oily residue all over everything. This cream is super easy to use, with a small nozzle, you just squeeze the cream out onto your cuticles, a little rub here and there and voila! And the smell is great too :)

Find it at Clicks & Dischem for around R29.99 (a steal!)


French Manicure by *Essence*

I have always struggled with doing a French Manicure on my own hands (it's always that silly right hand that gets smudged/bumped/funny lines...why was I not born ambidextrous?!) and so when I spied this handy French Manicure Pen I just had to give it go. And boy I was not disappointed. After much shaking and pushing (that's precisely what the instructions say on the pen) a steady stream of white polish appeared and this is what I was able to accomplish:

Not bad hey? I had to stick a pretty butterfly nail art sticker on the second finger due to *smudging* on my part but otherwise it was so easy. And of course I also had to purchase this lovely French Man' top coat...the perfect light pink colour for a very natural looking french. I'm 5 days into my 'manicure' and my nails still look lovely. And using my fab new quick dry drops my mani was ready to go in super quick time!

Essence is available at Clicks stores nationwide...

Essence French Manicure & Pedicure Pen - R29.99
Essence French Glam Nail Polish - R29.99

I'd love to see your handiwork, if you do try these products post a pic on my Facebook page :)

**just a little note...I was not sponsored to write this post or any other review on this blog. If by any chance I am sent a product for review (hint hint PR reps) I will always make it clear and aim to give you an objective and honest review*

Essence *Nail Art Express Dry Drops*

What a mouthful :) I picked this up a few days ago at Clicks. Being a firm lover of the Essence range, I had yet to try out their nail products and thought I'd start this one. I love how easy it is to use (thanks to the little dropper) and the product glides right over the nail allowing for maximum coverage of "dry"ness. I tried this over 2 coats of polish and they sure did dry quickly. A new favourite in my nail care collection.

Find it at Clicks for R29.95